I’m Sleeping With Someone Who Isn’t My Wife

I’m sleeping with someone who isn’t my wife.

Before you jump to conclusions, let me explain.

I’m going to go into detail about how beautiful she is. I’m going to express how she makes me feel and how i’d do anything for her.

And here is the anti-twist nobody saw coming.

‘She isn’t my wife, she is my life.’

Oh? You mean… You are sleeping with your wife… Oh I see.. It was your wife the whole time… Clever…

M. Night Shyamalan didn’t even anticipate that twist.

A wise man once said, “Write the title and they will come.”

I hated that old fart, but I guess he had a point:

The 10 Best Ways to Improve Your Sex Life in 2014!

How many of these have you seen so far? They are always written by those who will die alone.

22 Things to do in Your 20s

These are normally written by a regretful 24 year old with herpes who has attended all their best friends weddings and struggled to bring a date.

This Blog

Is written by a jealous nutjob who wants more likes, follows and shares.

…and a wife to bang and blog about.

– By Randall Evans.

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