Decreasing Insanity

You can never leave…

You have fallen through one of the internet’s cracks and somehow ended up here.

The Vile Mint is a creative writing blog. Its primary purpose is to shift your perspectives and help you think differently.

In an age where Facebook feeds and twitter trends bombard you with meaningless, shallow, superficial crap; The Vile Mint seeks to fill those holes in your brain with questions.

Life gets tough. People die, relationships breakdown and answers remain in the shadows. If you ever feel like you’re caught in the storm, my advise to you is this: To use an anchor, use a pen. Writing is one of the most therapeutic, challenging and enjoyable activities you can do. And if you can’t write… read!

That’s why you’re here… Right?

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All posts are written, filmed and/or photographed by Randall Evans.

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