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  • Underneath The Waves: Chapter 1

    Underneath The Waves: Chapter 1

    Naked branches twisted and clawed at the faded weather worn window. Violent winds pushed against the old house, filling every crack and every imperceptible opening. The voice of autumn whispered through the walls.  Small stones, shattered leaves and dust lifted from the earth and pelted the house like a dry hale storm.  Read more

  • Underneath the Waves: Chapter 2

    Underneath the Waves: Chapter 2

    Edward’s hand had all but healed. He periodically squeezed the steering wheel tight and released it to let the blood circulate through his fingers and knuckles. A talkback show ebbed through waves of static noise that washed through his truck as it moved beyond the range of the radio towers. Yet, even when the signal was strong, it was all white noise to Edward. He reached over and flicked off the radio and instead listened to the low vibrations of his truck, struggling to make it up the slow incline of the road.  Read more

  • Underneath the Waves: Chapter 3

    Underneath the Waves: Chapter 3

    The anticipation of waiting to be looked upon, while not wanting to be seen, caused a slight shudder to pass through Elizabeth’s body. Her history teacher took his time putting his notes back into his folder while the last of the students dragged their feet out of the classroom. He let out a long sigh… Continue Reading → Read more

  • Underneath the Waves: Chapter 4

    Underneath the Waves: Chapter 4

    The mountain bled into the trees. Beneath the surface dwelt an intangible hive, a pulsating mesh of nothing that radiated suffering onto all who walked in the mountain’s shadow. It was a sketch, but the feeling evoked by mere pencil on paper was enough to change a glance into a stare.  Read more

  • Underneath the Waves Chapter 5 & 6

    Underneath the Waves Chapter 5 & 6

    Chapter 5 The clock ticked past one o’clock.   A garbage bag hung from the corner of a cupboard. The kitchen smelt of Mie Goreng noodles. A pan lay sideways in the kitchen sink. An open textbook sat on the table next to unopened mail, empty salt and pepper shakers and a pile of missing… Continue Reading → Read more

  • Underneath the Waves: Chapter 7

    Underneath the Waves: Chapter 7

    Elizabeth noticed the silence that bled through the walls. Eventually, she got herself ready and made her way downstairs. There was no one home and no cars in the driveway. She put on the kettle and made herself a cup of tea. By the front door, she noticed her father’s work boots sitting by the… Continue Reading → Read more

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