Shadows of Memory


The flickering light in your eyes brings sadness,

Thoughts painting shadows on canvas.

A cool breeze in the night from the window,

A ship floating nowhere… stuck in limbo…

Hold the wax above the flame.

The falling drops cause the flame self shame.

To see or not to see; the fading light of memory.

To flee or not to flee; the process of self mutiny.


Each breath irreversible every day you’re alive.

The end is an ocean, we all have to dive.

Avoiding the void? You’re one domino…

Falling into the past. Falling in tomorrow.


Tomorrows yesterday’s here, just for one day.

Embrace it right now, or keep running away.


– By Randall Evans.

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      1. I look forward to it! Mint always has a little sweetness with the strong tang it’s the combination that hooks you! (I’d better follow so I don’t miss it!)


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