Near and Alone

Craving escaping from moments of waiting! Waiting and wondering and pondering still. The waiting remains in silence and hating,  A waiting against my will.


I find great pleasure In a tea It's warm and sweet and Good to me. . I watch steam rising In the cold. A warmly warmth that Warms my soul. . I hold the tea cup In my hands, Like it's a tiny bird from Fairy land. . Mystical beverage of Beautiful taste. Like a... Continue Reading →

Disjointed Desire

Law of nature, And of time. Mine is nothing, In this life. Vision in the season of depletion, Incompletion’s my only foundation Repletion of all but a reason. Strife in man. It's here to stay; I separate… Emancipate... Revealed by desire Of a simple smile No barrier between self and liar. How to discipline this... Continue Reading →


It was a mid-morning start, which meant the traffic was a little lighter and the gangs of retirees were taking over the cafes. I pulled up next to a trendy family car - Upper middle class. I couldn’t see the driver. All I could see was the left arm of the passenger. The wrist was... Continue Reading →

The Beach

Ash floats through misty sea breeze, Above infinite sand of memory. And a mother’s son runs along this beach, With the water cold beneath his feet. A revery passage to the other side, A moment’s mortality magnified. They built a castle by ocean spray, Worth more in time when washed away. Beneath, or within, the expanse of... Continue Reading →

The Little Man And I

Drip... Drip... Drip... “What is it now?” A shadow passed across the face of a tiny man. He lifted his head to see a demon perched by the window. “A lying tongue, my good man.” The demon smiled it’s sharp, stained teeth. It smiled because of the little man’s face. He pulled the face of... Continue Reading →

Joshologue #1

Hi... I’m Josh. This is my first time talking to myself... I wonder if it’s strange for you too... Why talk? What type of void am I filling? I’m not sure... Yet... Well... Here we go. In almost every aspect of life, I come to the point where it becomes necessary to question the conventions.... Continue Reading →

India Part 1 – The Unknown

Based on my trip to India.  The man wakes before the sun. Those few seconds between being asleep and being awake causes confusion. “Where am I?” The dream waves goodbye in the shadows of his mind. The first morning in a newcountry is always the most organized. The morning schedule is performed with precision. Three bags, a... Continue Reading →

We Are All Connected

Have you ever woken up wearing a blindfold? Imagine waking up in darkness, bound to a chair with blood dripping down the side of your face... Completely blind to everything around you. The gash on your head makes you dizzy and you have no recollection of what happened to you. And then you hear it... The... Continue Reading →

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