When stress begins to take control. Begin to think of time as whole. . Streams keep flowing as you think, And death takes men with every blink. One foot in fire; One in ice. Arms outstretched in depth and height. . A child dies within the womb, A flower dances in it's bloom. Love’s first... Continue Reading →

Rooms – Train Freewrite 

We live our lives in separate rooms. When the first racing games were developed, it became evident that the car didn't actually move, it was the track that was moving. Sometimes this is how I feel. As I write this I’m sharing a room with a Vietnamese family. It's probably the only room we'll share... Continue Reading →

The Cave

I ventured deep inside a cave. Down into the warmth of the earth. Into a place where the sounds of the surface are left behind. It’s beautiful. The rocks were magnificent. Each different formation had a name, ‘Actors on a stage’ or ‘The father of federation’, who faced the only exit. But these were young... Continue Reading →

Reflection Distorts Desired Delusions

I lay awake as the silence takes hold. It gets louder and louder. I beg for a distraction. Reflection distorts desired delusions. What time is is? I’ll check my phone. I’ll check my notifications. I’ll check my newsfeed. I’ll check my email. I’ll check out. My mind is a rapid when it should be a... Continue Reading →


Once upon a time, the stories weren’t so far away... And their heart were even closer. If you ever look up from your newspaper or phone on the train, you will notice that everyone’s head moves in the same pattern. They all drift along with motion of the train. Inertia: a property of matter by... Continue Reading →

Shadows of Memory

  The flickering light in your eyes brings sadness, Thoughts painting shadows on canvas. A cool breeze in the night from the window, A ship floating nowhere... stuck in limbo... Hold the wax above the flame. The falling drops cause the flame self shame. To see or not to see; the fading light of memory.... Continue Reading →

The Great Observer

I am 11:11 A moment in time. How to explain... I am like a flick book. A flick book has about 100 pages and each page has a slightly different picture. When you flick the pages quickly, the man in the picture begins to move. Well, the illusion is that the man is moving. I... Continue Reading →

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