The Great Observer

I am 11:11

A moment in time.

How to explain…

I am like a flick book. A flick book has about 100 pages and each page has a slightly different picture. When you flick the pages quickly, the man in the picture begins to move. Well, the illusion is that the man is moving.

I am that book. I am that book with all the pages ripped out and placed on the floor so that you can see everyone of them.

No illusions. No progression.

I am all the moments in time that don’t interact. Integration itself doesn’t exist in a single solitude moment.

You are the same book. However, the difference is that you only get to be flicked once. You only have one illusion to play out. There is no turning back.

I can’t change the past or the future, so I don’t know what good this advise will be. Maybe the future is so because of my intervention, who can tell?

I can tell you this: One of these moments… one of these pictures… is yours.

There is an exact picture of the very microsecond you die.

I’m looking at it right now.

You die.

I’m certain of it.

My advise is simple. Don’t die before you start living.

I am 00:00

– By Randall Evans.

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