Am I Evil ?

Creatures lurk within the trees,

Alive, unseen without the key.

Gushing winds hide whispering thoughts,

Of ghosts and spells and elvish sorts.


Damp is the dark bark’s texture beneath your soft hand’s touch.

Gaze upon the majesty whose roots run deep in mud.

The oak was born before your breath and lives beyond your trudge.

All that gaze on ancient art will drown in endless blood.


Yet, all that do or don’t,

Will suffocate in time.

We try to swim afloat,

But, drink the reaper’s wine.


The evil thought you had tonight,

The one that gave a light excite,

Will be the ancient snake’s delight,

As much as spells occults recite.


Written by Randall Evans


This one isn’t quite done, but I haven’t posted in a while. I’ll be adding to it shortly.

17 thoughts on “Am I Evil ?

Add yours

  1. Excellent start. I look forward to reading the finished product. And, I fully understand about publishing unfinished work. I do so all too often: publish a poem and then go back and either add or revise entirely I also understand about not publishing frequently. Poems do not simply exist in the poet’s mind ready to put onto paper. The idea is and then they are crafted and worked at. Yours are well worth the effort. I anticipate reading much more of your work.


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Barbara. Poetry is such a unique art form and we are sometimes lured into the belief that the poetry should come from a hidden door in our mind, fully formed and ready for publishing. Sometimes I enjoy the editing even more than the creation.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  2. Ooh! Creatures lurking, drowning in endless blood, reapers wine, evil thoughts and ancient snakes delight. Yep, pretty much checking all my boxes.

    Liked by 1 person

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