Follow strings that pull you down
Listen close to have it found
Where longing notes float in the air
And twirling brides holds balding hair.

The depths of sorrow, woe to thee,
A place where sun and sky can’t see.
The centre of the broken clock,
Where time is lost but never stops.

Watch the devil play each note,
The strings of death that pull and choke.
Seduction pure, true, unfair,
He has you now, your body bare.

Don’t look in the monster’s eyes
Unless you hope for your demise
He’ll have you twist what you call true
The world will now seem cruel to you.

Evil thoughts and evil deeds,
You throw your coins at his feet,
But don’t listen to his music now,
Turn away and run right out.

He’ll grab your feet and bite down hard
Pulling everything apart,
But keep your will, call on grace,
For only blood will save your fate.

Written by Randall Evans (while listening to Edvard Grieg).


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