Shadows of Memory

  The flickering light in your eyes brings sadness, Thoughts painting shadows on canvas. A cool breeze in the night from the window, A ship floating nowhere... stuck in limbo... Hold the wax above the flame. The falling drops cause the flame self shame. To see or not to see; the fading light of memory.... Continue Reading →

Who Are We Fooling?

*Knock knock* The man opens his door. “Hi, do you want your grass?” An odd question... “What do you mean?” A odd response... “I mean, do you want your grass? Out here?” The woman (I bet you didn’t picture a woman) leans to one side to display the man’s lawn behind her. The woman that... Continue Reading →

The Great Observer

I am 11:11 A moment in time. How to explain... I am like a flick book. A flick book has about 100 pages and each page has a slightly different picture. When you flick the pages quickly, the man in the picture begins to move. Well, the illusion is that the man is moving. I... Continue Reading →

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