Underneath the Waves: Chapter 7

Elizabeth noticed the silence that bled through the walls. Eventually, she got herself ready and made her way downstairs. There was no one home and no cars in the driveway. She put on the kettle and made herself a cup of tea. By the front door, she noticed her father’s work boots sitting by the... Continue Reading →


Empty tunnels echo pain. Beating heart and throbbing veins. Scattered thoughts and shattered soul, Hatred fills the empty hole. Where to turn in this turmoil? Mind in tempest, face in soil. I gave too much and feel too weak, And uttered words I never speak. Without the mind to stay alone, Or the want for... Continue Reading →

Silent Suffering & Colossal Careers

The clock keeps ticking. The blood keeps dripping. Open your eyes to the point. The point of the knife. The point? Coincidental fate? Happenstance providence? Millions suffer. Billions starve. Children burn. The west waits for the savior to return. Keep waiting. It serves you well. Natural selection. Humanity is at stake. Natural selection. Humanity is... Continue Reading →

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