Observer’s Paradox

Thoughts slip away before I can think. I write them down with water for ink. The mind and the 'verse, they both interlink, Destruction, decay and death on the brink. - By Randall Evans.


Did you know that there’s a mysterious place far beyond our reach? A place we once knew, but that keeps us, (and itself) in the dark. It was once defined, but then forgotten. Who were we to demote a planet? Insignificant specks on earth pointing our fingers outward. But it was waiting. Suspended in the dark.... Continue Reading →

The Sail

When! When can we see the stars for what they are? Constellations causing mutilations of a map in mind and heart. They change our bearings, and our minds, like whispers in the dark. Disillusioned, discontent; Spinning in a jar. It’s getting hot, but he never stops. It’s getting hot, but he’ll hit the spot. The... Continue Reading →

Mind Your Mind

The corridors of the mind are ever changing. At first they seem dark and mysterious, but the hallways and rooms are traveled by your subconscious. The little person inside your brain has a very important job. My subconscious’s name is Bill. Bill walked through the same corridors everyday. Back and forth and back and forth.... Continue Reading →

We Are All Connected

Have you ever woken up wearing a blindfold? Imagine waking up in darkness, bound to a chair with blood dripping down the side of your face... Completely blind to everything around you. The gash on your head makes you dizzy and you have no recollection of what happened to you. And then you hear it... The... Continue Reading →

We Come From Stardust

A big bang. A fat hand slams down the snooze button. 5:30AM The hot water is out again. No use complaining. A cold shower wakes him up. Deep space, forgotten time. Tiny particles dance with each other. Helium and hydrogen are formed. Bumper to bumper. He winds down the window to let his gas escape.... Continue Reading →

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