Observer’s Paradox

Thoughts slip away before I can think. I write them down with water for ink. The mind and the 'verse, they both interlink, Destruction, decay and death on the brink. - By Randall Evans.

The Burning of Notre Dame

  My heart bleeds in the flames of Notre Dame.  We look to the spire, the hand reaching for the heavens, as a symbol of ancient protection. These architecturally beautiful monuments of historical whispers are reminders that there is something divine in this world. They’re a symbol of the bridge between man and the spiritual... Continue Reading →

The Valley of Longing

Down your feet take you, Through mud and deep roots. Clinging to branches, As vision dilutes.   You slip and you fall, But you’re ready to see. The future self’s guidance, Deep within thee.   The journey’s sufficient, To make you fulfilled. But right at the bottom, Is quiet and still.   Nothing but clay.... Continue Reading →

Silent Suffering & Colossal Careers

The clock keeps ticking. The blood keeps dripping. Open your eyes to the point. The point of the knife. The point? Coincidental fate? Happenstance providence? Millions suffer. Billions starve. Children burn. The west waits for the savior to return. Keep waiting. It serves you well. Natural selection. Humanity is at stake. Natural selection. Humanity is... Continue Reading →

India Part 3 – Feet

“This is a very dangerous area,” says the driver, “can not drive through here after six o’clock.” RJ looks at his watch. 7:15pm Staying in India is an odd experience for an outsider. The constant noise of traffic, the animals on the streets and the rubbish are all so different to things back home. Yet,... Continue Reading →

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