The Valley of Longing

Everyone’s lost

In the valley of longing.

It’s a journey within

When seeking belonging.


Looking for something

To put one at ease.

Searching for light

Shining bright through the trees.


Down your feet take you

Through mud and deep roots.

Clinging to branches,

As vision dilutes.


You slip and you fall,

But you’re ready to see.

The future self’s guidance,

Deep within thee.


The journey’s sufficient,

To make you fulfilled.

But right at the bottom,

Is quiet and still.


Nothing but clay.

Clay and decay.

The truth of your life

Brings pain and dismay.


No inner child,

No voice of the soul.

Yourself cannot guide you

You’re down in a hole.


A selfish puddle

Of tears in rain.

With the realisation

You’re lost again.


The valley of longing

Traps all the lost.

A prison organic

Where children are tossed.


To thine own self be true,

Is a beautiful lie.

You’ll slip down inside,

And true truth will die.


How to escape

The valley of longing?

Look to Zion

The city is dawning


Written by Randall Evans.

Evil Eyes

The man washed his face at the bathroom mirror. The water dripped down his cheeks as he took a deep breath.


“Why do men stare at themselves in the mirror when they do wrong?”

The old man pondered a moment. “They are asking themselves a question. They are asking, ‘How could I?’”

The boy sat up in his bed. “Maybe they expect to see something change, like the painting in the story.”

“You see”, said the old man, “Evil isn’t shown on the faces of men, or in the picture of Dorian Gray.”

The boy stared into the fire.

“Then how do you know if you are good or bad?”

The old man smiled.

“You ask yourself without a mirror.”

The boy closed his eyes.


The boy in the mirror had long been forgotten, but the man in his head haunted his brain.

– By Randall Evans.