Disjointed Desire

Law of nature, And of time. Mine is nothing, In this life. Vision in the season of depletion, Incompletion’s my only foundation Repletion of all but a reason. Strife in man. It's here to stay; I separate… Emancipate... Revealed by desire Of a simple smile No barrier between self and liar. How to discipline this... Continue Reading →

Only Your Happiness

I wish for you the happiness, That I will never have, For me, my love, I'm left alone. Cold and in the black. The shadows cover everything, That you once saw as me. The shadows cover everything, And I can barely see. One day we’ll meet by accident, You’ll call me an old friend. I’ll... Continue Reading →

Silent Suffering & Colossal Careers

The clock keeps ticking. The blood keeps dripping. Open your eyes to the point. The point of the knife. The point? Coincidental fate? Happenstance providence? Millions suffer. Billions starve. Children burn. The west waits for the savior to return. Keep waiting. It serves you well. Natural selection. Humanity is at stake. Natural selection. Humanity is... Continue Reading →

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