Curves that dance and sway and sing, That help us dream up anything. But, life is square for human beings, Build by those with sight unseeing.

Look Up!

You don’t know what it’s like, do you dear reader? It’s horrible! For happiness to be completely dependent on an entity separate from ourselves is torture. I was built to transform emotion into music, yet on my own I’m nothing. I’m a tool; rusting in the corner of an old garage.

The Beach

Ash floats through misty sea breeze, Above infinite sand of memory. And a mother’s son runs along this beach, With the water cold beneath his feet. A revery passage to the other side, A moment’s mortality magnified. They built a castle by ocean spray, Worth more in time when washed away. Beneath, or within, the expanse of... Continue Reading →


The bitterness of death swims in my blood. But I can’t feel it. There’s a dizzying warmth in the room, Faces from the past share smiles that scream. Walking beneath the waves, beneath the sea. Someone took the wheel from me. We all become part of the same organism. And this monster is drowning but... Continue Reading →

The Cave

I ventured deep inside a cave. Down into the warmth of the earth. Into a place where the sounds of the surface are left behind. It’s beautiful. The rocks were magnificent. Each different formation had a name, ‘Actors on a stage’ or ‘The father of federation’, who faced the only exit. But these were young... Continue Reading →


Did you know that there’s a mysterious place far beyond our reach? A place we once knew, but that keeps us, (and itself) in the dark. It was once defined, but then forgotten. Who were we to demote a planet? Insignificant specks on earth pointing our fingers outward. But it was waiting. Suspended in the dark.... Continue Reading →

The Train

“Be careful, it’s quite slippery.” “I will. You taking photos?” “Yeah, you?” “Nah, i’m hoping to see a ghost.” The man’s camera flash echoed through the tunnel. “Oh?” “Yeah, I’ve been here before, but didn’t see anything. How long have you been in here?” “I only just arrived.” The abandoned train line was still and... Continue Reading →

India Part 3 – Feet

“This is a very dangerous area,” says the driver, “can not drive through here after six o’clock.” RJ looks at his watch. 7:15pm Staying in India is an odd experience for an outsider. The constant noise of traffic, the animals on the streets and the rubbish are all so different to things back home. Yet,... Continue Reading →

India Part 2 – The Mountains

Based on my trip to India.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. One man’s day is another’s forever. It is odd, thinks RJ, that such poverty could exist in the shadow of the worlds greatest mountain range. It is odd that the worlds tallest mountain is only tall enough to see man at the most... Continue Reading →

India Part 1 – The Unknown

Based on my trip to India.  The man wakes before the sun. Those few seconds between being asleep and being awake causes confusion. “Where am I?” The dream waves goodbye in the shadows of his mind. The first morning in a newcountry is always the most organized. The morning schedule is performed with precision. Three bags, a... Continue Reading →

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