My guest keeps saying the same thing, but I can’t here it’s voice. It whispers, “Remember.” My uninvited guest is the byproduct my life circumstances that I, clearly, couldn’t handle the way my brain wanted me to.

Invisible Pain

Invisible pain is rarely invisible. It comes in the form of slammed doors, raised voices or the sounds of a speeding engine traveling far away. The thought may surface that making logic of emotional hurt is what does the most damage. For if we had no mind, we wouldn’t mind. It’s the process of attempting to... Continue Reading →


The bitterness of death swims in my blood. But I can’t feel it. There’s a dizzying warmth in the room, Faces from the past share smiles that scream. Walking beneath the waves, beneath the sea. Someone took the wheel from me. We all become part of the same organism. And this monster is drowning but... Continue Reading →

Silent Suffering & Colossal Careers

The clock keeps ticking. The blood keeps dripping. Open your eyes to the point. The point of the knife. The point? Coincidental fate? Happenstance providence? Millions suffer. Billions starve. Children burn. The west waits for the savior to return. Keep waiting. It serves you well. Natural selection. Humanity is at stake. Natural selection. Humanity is... Continue Reading →

2014 – One Year Closer To The End

*5* A husband grasps his wife's hand in a hospital bed. “She’s losing a lot of blood!” “One more push!” A cry so beautiful it quenches the new mothers pain as she hold’s her son for the first time... But the lights in her eyes go out. *4* John’s first birthday. The sound of fireworks... Continue Reading →

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