Craving escaping from moments of waiting! Waiting and wondering and pondering still. The waiting remains in silence and hating,  A waiting against my will.

Strings Rewrite

The sweetest strings draw him under,His life becomes a distant thunder. Naively down he goes.Seduced by notes within the sea,A hope to end the misery. A place where sun and sky can’t see.A sorrow deep where love can’t be,Empty in himself.To the bottom of his soul he drops,Where time is lost, but never stops. He hears... Continue Reading →


Deflated are my insides as I try to take a breath. Just an empty shell as I refuse to get some rest. I lack all the energy to beg and scream and yell. The demon’s back to haunt me for I chose to ring his bell. . My soul is missing from my breath, but... Continue Reading →

The Boat

An angel and devil appear on a man’s shoulders. We have all seen this before. Right verse wrong. Good verse evil. But, It is not that simple, is it? It’s not good vs evil. More accurately, It would be closer to the truth to say evil vs not-so-evil; Evil vs man. A young man sits... Continue Reading →

The Little Man And I

Drip... Drip... Drip... “What is it now?” A shadow passed across the face of a tiny man. He lifted his head to see a demon perched by the window. “A lying tongue, my good man.” The demon smiled it’s sharp, stained teeth. It smiled because of the little man’s face. He pulled the face of... Continue Reading →

Evil Eyes

The man washed his face at the bathroom mirror. The water dripped down his cheeks as he took a deep breath. *** “Why do men stare at themselves in the mirror when they do wrong?” The old man pondered a moment. “They are asking themselves a question. They are asking, ‘How could I?’” The boy... Continue Reading →

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