Observer’s Paradox

Thoughts slip away before I can think. I write them down with water for ink. The mind and the 'verse, they both interlink, Destruction, decay and death on the brink. - By Randall Evans.


My guest keeps saying the same thing, but I can’t here it’s voice. It whispers, “Remember.” My uninvited guest is the byproduct my life circumstances that I, clearly, couldn’t handle the way my brain wanted me to.

The Beach

Ash floats through misty sea breeze, Above infinite sand of memory. And a mother’s son runs along this beach, With the water cold beneath his feet. A revery passage to the other side, A moment’s mortality magnified. They built a castle by ocean spray, Worth more in time when washed away. Beneath, or within, the expanse of... Continue Reading →


The bitterness of death swims in my blood. But I can’t feel it. There’s a dizzying warmth in the room, Faces from the past share smiles that scream. Walking beneath the waves, beneath the sea. Someone took the wheel from me. We all become part of the same organism. And this monster is drowning but... Continue Reading →


Did you know that there’s a mysterious place far beyond our reach? A place we once knew, but that keeps us, (and itself) in the dark. It was once defined, but then forgotten. Who were we to demote a planet? Insignificant specks on earth pointing our fingers outward. But it was waiting. Suspended in the dark.... Continue Reading →

The Sail

When! When can we see the stars for what they are? Constellations causing mutilations of a map in mind and heart. They change our bearings, and our minds, like whispers in the dark. Disillusioned, discontent; Spinning in a jar. It’s getting hot, but he never stops. It’s getting hot, but he’ll hit the spot. The... Continue Reading →


Once upon a time, the stories weren’t so far away... And their heart were even closer. If you ever look up from your newspaper or phone on the train, you will notice that everyone’s head moves in the same pattern. They all drift along with motion of the train. Inertia: a property of matter by... Continue Reading →

Down at Dawn

I am the one who stands in shadow. A man trades his time for left over time he can’t sell. When I was young, I saw men that stood under a full moon on the edge of the ocean. They would cut off their shadow and banish their own soul. Men don’t do that anymore.... Continue Reading →

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