The Artist’s Way

I’ve recently been on an audio book binge. I never really liked audio books because I love highlighting things and writing in the margins of the pages of book. Granted, it’s rare that I ever go back to them and read the highlights, but I like that I have that option. 

This week I’ve been listening to The Artist’s Way. Besides its ultra hippie writing style and, how can i put this, femininity, I really like it. I’m actually attracted to ways of living that encompass such connectedness with self, inner self and spirituality. 

The book requires two things of the reader, Morning Pages and the Artist Dates. 

I started morning pages today and the first three lines were just, “F***”, over and over again. Frustrations run strong with this one, huh? The whole idea of morning pages is to free the clutter from your mind so that you can turn on your creativity like a tap. So, today I wrote well, my actually writing, I mean. I extended my concentration time and felt less stuck

Artists Dates is something I’ll post about later when I actually go on one. 

So, todays update; The writing is going well, but fears and frustrations are running high. I’ll just continue to work and see what happens. 

How are you all going? Have you read The Artist’s Way?