• Hearts Don’t Beat

    Is it ok to be happy ? To feel a joy inside my heart? Feeling soft and sappy, Looking to a brand new start. All my rhymes have rhythm, That hardly change at all. But crafting with precision, Reflex not how in love we fall. Messy, bright and typical, My breathing tastes so sweet. Inside… Continue Reading → Read more

  • Deflated

    Deflated are my insides as I try to take a breath. Just an empty shell as I refuse to get some rest. I lack all the energy to beg and scream and yell. The demon’s back to haunt me for I chose to ring his bell. . My soul is missing from my breath, but… Continue Reading → Read more

  • Gateway

    Unexpected memory of a corridor Voices roaring down the hall A birthday held when I was four – Not for me, for the jolly good fellow. An old man’s song if ever bellowed. On a night that feels both mad and mellow. – I mused a moment, child’s mind, Who were his friends there by… Continue Reading → Read more

  • It’s The End of the Day, Shoes Off!

    It’s the end of the day, shoes off! But, in the bed you lie, When an itch, starts itching, on your foot. Something hurts and can’t be good On your feet all day you stood, But the itch was feeling shy. It’s the end of the day, shoes off! It starts to hurt a bit…. Continue Reading → Read more

  • Puppy Dog Eyes

    I’m a spot in a puppy dog’s eye, I, in eye, insignificant am I? The tiny speck in the cutest face, You notice not my rightful place. I’m a nothing, if not the key, A detail smaller than a flee. But details add to masterpiece, Piece by piece and none the least. Have you seen… Continue Reading → Read more

  • Strings

    The fiddle gently pulls him under, The cozy sounds of distant thunder. He is but a fool. Seduced by notes from in the sea, As tears to widow’s misery. . Depths of sorrow beyond the tree, A place where sun and sky can’t see. Empty in himself. The centre of the broken clock, Where time… Continue Reading → Read more

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