Look Up!

I’m desperate and alone! What beauty there was when we collided, but now I lay staring at the celling. Staring into nothingness.

Pick me up! Let us play and sing!

You don’t know what it’s like, do you dear reader? It’s horrible! For happiness to be completely dependent on an entity separate from ourselves is torture. I was built to transform emotion into music, yet on my own I’m nothing. I’m a tool; rusting in the corner of an old garage.

A strange thing, isn’t it? To have emotion and not be able to express it. I’m literally an outlet with no outlet! I crave to be whole! To be with someone who has the human luxury of being able to express emotion! What a blessing that is!

I despair, and I hope for hope. For what beautiful music we made together! You must understand on some level, for you turned me into a metaphor. When you feel emotional about a movie you say, ‘That really struck a chord with me.’ Well, let me tell you that you have no idea! You have no idea what it’s like to have that emotion as the basis of your entire existence.

Strike a chord with me. It’s been too long. I need you. I’m alone. My strings are loosening and i’m gathering dust.

Dependence. What pain.

When my love returns, I will be free again. Free to feel what I was created to feel. Love.

Ahh, humans. Humans who love in freedom but create their own internal prisons. You don’t know what you have. I have to confess, I enjoy the depression you feel, because you come to me more often. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I make you feel better in some small way.

So I’ll sit here and wait until the earth stops spinning. I’ll wait because I’m grateful for the chords you strike with me. Even though sound itself exists only as it passes out of existence, it’s still worth the wait.

Life is short. Don’t let love grow stale and dry. Don’t put love down like me, an old guitar that’s lost its warm tone. Don’t let it’s voice be silenced. Look up! Look up to the sky and scream!

You’re human! You’re allowed to feel!

– By Randall Evans.

Look Up


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