Painting Light

While reading this, remember that you are subconsciously decoding written language into thought patterns that are comprised of imagination, memory and experience. The words by themselves mean absolutely nothing.

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Image Via

“What do you see?”

Josh takes a step back from the painting and simultaneously places his hand upon his chin (the way people do when they pretend to be deep in thought).

“I see…”

The painting on the wall showed a blind man watching a sunset.

“Well, it’s all about experience. You don’t need to see the sunset to experience it.”

Bree tilts her head to one side like a dog hearing a strange noise.


Josh smiles to himself.

A man sitting on a chair behind Josh and Bree gives his opinion.


Josh and Bree turn to face the man.

“The painting is about illusion verses reality.”

A little rude, but a good point.

“Isn’t that what I just said?”

The old man smiles.

“No, you didn’t. You said it was about experience when It is about illusion. Let me explain it to you this way: you have never seen, nor will ever see, this painting.”

Hand to chin.

“Light does not exist in your brain. We decode light through our eyes and ‘see‘ it in our brains via chemical reactions. You will never, and can never see, light. Therefore, everything you see is an illusion. Including this painting”

Josh turns back to the painting and looks at it for a few seconds.

“Very interesting…”

He then throws a friendly smile to the man and tries to walk away with Bree as casually as possible. He makes it a few meters before the man shouts out to him.

“Oh by the way, the art gallery doesn’t start until you pass through the doors at the end of the corridor.”

Embarrassed, the couple hurry towards the real art gallery and two others take their place.


This is The Vile Mint

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