Joshologue #1

Hi… I’m Josh.

This is my first time talking to myself… I wonder if it’s strange for you too…

Why talk? What type of void am I filling? I’m not sure… Yet…

Well… Here we go.


In almost every aspect of life, I come to the point where it becomes necessary to question the conventions. Perhaps it’s not the conventions per say, rather, the flow of things.

For years I was friends with this writer. He used to always get lost in his own words. Well, I guess the words weren’t his… the words he aligned… Well… One day, he became bored.

The writer became bored of creating a fictional fabrication of a simple idea that could be put rather simply.

He asked me, “Is this just excess fat, or is it important to the story?”

I had no idea… So I told him my story, put simply.

A man wakes up, skips breakfast, works a seemingly endless day and comes home to an overcooked meal and an under-loved wife, only to starts the process again in a few hours time.

The writer looked me right in the eyes. Right in the soul.

So… Where is it? Where is the substance? Where is the fat?

Well, I guess it could be seen differently… It’s subjective right? Author intent is only part of the meaning that can be derived from any story… Of course, I didn’t express these desperate feelings of justification to the writer… he might have blogged about it….

Finally he said to me, “Well, in this scenario it is pretty obvious where the fat is…”


“It’s the whole story.”


This is the vile mint.

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