Down at Dawn

I am the one who stands in shadow.

A man trades his time for left over time he can’t sell.

When I was young, I saw men that stood under a full moon on the edge of the ocean. They would cut off their shadow and banish their own soul.

Men don’t do that anymore.

They don’t need to.

Humans are pushed out of their mother like a bird is pushed out of a nest to learn to fly.

But, humans can’t fly…

I stand in the darkness of the tree of life, waiting to collect the people as they fall.

Their life’s timeline starts from the nest and ends abruptly on the ground.

They never do learn to fly.

“Bathing in silent reverie,

Beguiled by tomorrow’s promise.

Resisting a life of monotony,

Creating calm and solace.”

Some men stop trying to fly and simply enjoy the fall. Those are the ones who I catch.

I’ll see you at the bottom by the shadow of the tree.

– By Randall Evans.

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